DRG Validation and an AI Approach to Sepsis

DRG Validation and an AI Approach to Sepsis

DRG Predict Video Series | Part Three of Four | DRG Validation

In part three of this four-part video series, our Principal Scientist Lance Hahn, Ph.D., and our Machine Learning Engineer, Cam Carver, discuss medical record documentation and technology, including machine learning, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, named-entity recognition, and how these technologies are used for DRG validation and how to identify sepsis in medical records. This video builds on the discussion in our previous video about age and comorbidity complications in making a sepsis diagnosis.

Keep an eye out for the final video in this series. In part four, our experts will premiere our new artificial intelligence, DRG Predict, and walk-through use cases to showcase the increased productivity review teams will be able to take advantage of when reviewing claims in CAVO.

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