How the CAVO® Technology Works

5 A’s of the CAVO® Medical Record Review Process

The CAVO platform streamlines the medical record review process, helping healthcare organizations more quickly determine appropriate reimbursement. Learn more by reading about our 5 A’s – including CAVO Answers, which utilizes our proprietary OCR to deliver smart search capabilities within the medical record.



Benefits: Combines needed review documentation into a single platform.

Technology: CAVO intakes structured and unstructured data from medical record and itemized bill documents and images. It then combines all information into a central, searchable cloud-based data repository designed to streamline medical record reviews.



Benefits: Creates searchable data to streamline review time.

Technology: Health plan medical record review teams instantly search large data sets and receive relevance-ranked results, helping them efficiently locate the information needed to make a clinical or coding determination. Reviewers may utilize 100+ pre-defined searches available within CAVO or create and save custom organizational searches.



Benefits: Enables efficient creation of “findings” summaries within single platform.

Technology: Reviewers create “findings” summaries utilizing select, highlight, and annotate tools to pinpoint the decision data within the imaged medical record. They may also leverage customizable, organization-specific letter templates available within CAVO.



Benefits: Expands medical record review data and reporting—and includes images.

Technology: CAVO’s open API enables health plan enterprise-level analytics that can be coupled with data from other internal sources, such as workflow tools, to deliver actionable insights related to medical record reviews.



Benefits: Facilitates health plan machine learning for medical claims reviews.

Technology: Leverage CAVO’s data from your own team’s reviews
to automate an audit segment based on predefined rules and/or established queries. Create (or enhance) NLP or machine learning
to further streamline your payment integrity and/or utilization
review teams.

Medical Record Search with CAVO

Our medical record review solution enables digital searching within—and across—records.

Client Snapshot: Cost Containment, Readmission Unit


Client reviewers had to locate records associated with cases plus find the appropriate documentation within the case. Nurses manually compared their notes to the documentation.



Reviewers start with cases pre-populated with all documents. CAVO functionality enables reviewers to tag pages, utilize pre-defined searches to find common determination data, and reference their notes without interruption.

Client Benefits

Enterprise Platform

Scalable architecture promotes stability, strong SLAs, and adoption.

Advanced Search

Full text search functionality and pre-defined queries.

Open API

RESTful API endpoints allow real-time system interactions with Apello.

Designed for End Users

Friendly user interface, optional functionality for multitude of use cases.

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