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How CAVO® Technology Works

Purpose-built enterprise architecture for health plan claims review use cases involving documentation.

How CAVO® Technology Works

Purpose-built enterprise architecture for health plan claims review use cases involving documentation.

Purpose-Built Enterprise Architecture

The CAVO platform, using artificial intelligence, automates the medical record review process, helping healthcare organizations quickly and efficiently make clinical and payment determinations.

  • Searchable Images (regardless of format or data type)
  • Pre and Post Pay Workflow System(s) Interfaces
  • Workflow Agnostic 
  • Catalyst to ML/NLP (conducted by internal or external data scientists)

Supercharge Your Data With CAVO's AI

1. Conversion

  • Unstructured document conversion
  • Any format from any source
  • Proprietary MR OCR
  • Populated in an intuitive interface

2. Classify

  • Automated document organization
  • Tagging of relevant clinical attributes
  • Enables machine-supported clinical search 
  • Immediate verification that the required documentation was received

3. Capture

  • Normalize clinical data from medical records
  • Extract clinical attributes from all documents in real-time
  • Structure clinical attributes in a user-specific interface for quick determinations

4. Predict

  • Apply and customize a library of clinical models and concepts
  • Enable Advanced claim selection and auto-approval capability 
  • Flag non-payable line items, including unbundling and MUE

5. Analytics

  • Supports self-serve analytics with digital MR
  • Interoperability/API
  • Workflow automation
  • Inventory prioritization

The New CAVO Interface

Advent Health Partners is excited to unveil the latest release of CAVO®. Its features will enable greater flexibility among users, increase the power of individual modules, and use cases facilitating the exact functions and descriptions users need to be successful.

Case Study

AI Technology for Itemized Bill Review Optimization

A multi-state health plan engaged Advent Health Partners to increase their volume of itemized bill reviews, and by leveraging CAVO®, increased their total program financial value by 61% after 18 months.

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