Our Solutions

Since 2010, Advent Health Partners has helped our clients save and recover billions of dollars and achieve their long-term financial goals through a unique, client-individualized approach to revenue integrity. Our mission is to share our clinical expertise, industry-leading technology,  specific NLP and ML applications,  and best practices with health plans, health systems and hospitals, and industry partners to accelerate appropriate reimbursement, increase review team productivity, and minimize administrative costs across the healthcare industry.

Who We Help


Health Plans & Partners

The CAVO® technology platform streamlines the medical record review process at both the functional and enterprise level. Using deep clinical and coding expertise in conjunction with NLP and ML as the backbone of our AI-driven use case deployment, CAVO facilitates a 10X faster claim or record review, significantly improves the financial outcome per FTE, and accelerates ongoing process improvement.

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Health Systems & Hospitals

Advent helps your organization increase clinical appeals productivity and financial outcomes through Apello™ and Optics technology applications, assists with flexible denial prevention and appeal services, and provides expert consultation on optimizing reimbursements. Advent is proven to help providers recover more of their revenue, faster.

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