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Streamline Pharmacy Operations and Specialty Claim Reviews

Automating authorization, review,  compliance, and capturing administrative savings with CAVO®.

Streamline Pharmacy Operations and Specialty Claim Reviews

Automating authorization, review,  compliance, and capturing administrative savings with CAVO®.

Facilitate Clinical Pharmacy Workflow Solutions and Minimize Administrative Costs

Pharmacy operations, particularly clinical reviews of injectables and similar high-cost drugs, create operational and cost challenges for health plans. Health plans are inundated with prescriptions for costly medications that require an expert clinical review of the patient’s history prior to authorization. These preauthorizations are typically performed by clinicians, which can drain high-cost resources. These challenges and the time-consuming review add significant costs and create tension between the health plan, the provider, and the member.

CAVO®’s AI-supported medical record review platform extracts critical clinical attributes from the patient’s medical record to efficiently present to the clinician to support an accurate determination within minutes. This intelligent automation capability leads to automated approval and streamlines the process for any required clinical review. The intuitive interface removes conventional friction, and increases transparency and efficiency, creating a member-centric, consumerism approach.

Leveraging NLP to streamline your medical review process requires careful planning and consideration. Here are some topline, key steps in the journey, as well as their considerations:

Advent Health Partners' AI Solutions for Pharmacy Operations

Advanced Automation

CAVO’s proprietary conversion, classification, and clinical extractions provide a 10-15X faster clinical review process based on clinical requirements to expedite determinations.

Operational Efficiency

CAVO streamlines the review process, ensuring reviews are conducted swiftly and accurately, leading to increased throughput and improved operational efficiency.


CAVO can identify and extract the top key medical attributes for specialty medications and auto-approve based on these criteria, bypassing the need for a clinician to review preauthorization requests.

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How CAVO Technology Works

The CAVO platform uses artificial intelligence to help healthcare organizations make clinical and payment determinations quickly and efficiently. Its core features and functionalities supercharge your data with artificial intelligence. With over one million completed case reviews, CAVO delivers technology proven to scale up your medical record reviews and increase your team’s productivity by  300%-700%.

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