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AI-Supported Healthcare Claims Administration

Enable more efficient claims administration support processes with CAVO®.

AI-Supported Healthcare Claims Administration

Enable more efficient claims administration support processes with CAVO®.

The Perfect Combination to Support Claims Administration

The combination of seasoned analysts/coders and purpose-built technology is perfect for quickly and efficiently managing the increasing volume of claims reviews or preparation tasks with your healthcare claims administrative function. CAVO®’s advanced Natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) attributes were explicitly designed to support large and complex claim reviews and to reduce administrative costs and the number of provider appeals. CAVO can enhance any claims administration support function.  

The CAVO platform is a leading medical records and itemized bill review (IBR) technology that enables claims administrative functions to structure, organize, identify, and validate high-dollar claim submissions quickly and efficiently.

CAVO Benefits For Claims Administration

Reduce Cognitive Burden

CAVO’s auto-tagging and IB conversion features can reduce your staff’s burden by automating tedious tasks.

Properly Paid Claims

Access to accurate pricing data within CAVO ensures claims are accurately paid and on time.

Reduce Review Time & Cost

CAVO’s AI-driven sort, filter, annotate, highlight, and notation functionalities reduce the time your team spends reviewing claims.

About Advent Health Partners

Advent Health Partners was founded in 2010 as an outsourced healthcare claims review vendor. As our business grew, the Advent claims review team of registered nurses, credentialed coders, and business analysts realized that the majority of their time was spent sifting through medical record documentation, trying to find decision data instead of making decisions. From there, our team began building solutions to increase review efficiencies and pinpoint process improvement opportunities for both health plans and hospitals.

Today, our mission is to share our clinical expertise, industry-leading technology, and best practices with plans, providers, and partners to accelerate appropriate reimbursement and increase review team productivity across the healthcare industry.

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