Medical Claim Review Technology

Apello™ is an enterprise technology platform that streamlines the claim review process by aggregating decision data and building appeals in one place.

Our Proprietary Claims Analysis Tool

Developed in-house as Advent Health Partners’ proprietary claims analysis tool, Apello was designed by clinical and technical nurses, coders, and claims analysts to review claims and build appeals all in one platform. Designed for end-users, Apello creates searchable medical record data accessible through a friendly user interface, with built-in functionality for a multitude of use cases. By enabling your current team to easily increase the total volume of appeal reviews from beginning to end, Apello reduces administrative costs and decreases time to revenue.

Increase productivity by 300+% by streamlining decisions.

Seamlessly create appeal packets pinpointing decision data for compelling arguments.

Increase communication efficiencies through easily shared documentation with health plans.

How Apello Works

  • Aggregates: Creates searchable medical record data – including images.
  • Answers: Increases total appeal reviews by leveraging clinical and coding resources.
  • Assembles: Reduces administrative costs.
  • Analyzes: Interfaces with internal and external systems.
  • Automates: Apello facilitates machine learning.

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