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Data-Driven Prior Authorization Solutions

Apello™ technology streamlines the review process to help prevent prior authorization denials.

Data-Driven Prior Authorization Solutions

Apello™ technology streamlines the review process to help prevent prior authorization denials.

Combat Prior Authorization Denials

Prior authorization, also known and preauthorizationpreapproval, and precertification, is one of the top causes of claim denials for hospitals and health systems, leading to millions of dollars in lost revenue every year. 

Advent Health Partners has the clinical expertise and the technology to help your organization combat prior authorization denials. Our clinical experts are well-versed in payer policies, as well as guidelines and requirements for health plans. Our data-driven approach, coupled with our claims management software, confirm that requirements are met and payment is imminent in a pre-pay environment.

Appeal & Claim Technology Highlight

AI-Driven Medical Claim Review Technology

Apello™ is Advent Health Partners’ technology platform that streamlines the claim review process by combining AI with aggregated decision data. Apello was designed for appeal and claims reviews to reduce administrative costs and decrease time to revenue. Apello enables utilization management teams to easily increase their total volume of reviews from the beginning to the end of a claim’s life.

Prior Authorization Benefits with Apello

Quickly Review and Compare

Payer policies, guidelines, third-party requirements, and medical records are accessible within the Apello platform. All of the information is displayed on a single screen, reducing the search for required clinical information.

Reduce Cognitive Burden

Apello technology can reduce your staff’s burden by automating tedious tasks, allowing your staff to focus on higher-value efforts.

Real-time Insights

Apello provides real-time, actionable insights enabling your team to make timely and accurate data-driven decisions.

Increase financial value and prevent claim denials with Apello’s AI-driven features that facilitate 5X faster reviews, reduces your average days in AR, and increases cashflow.

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