Apply AI To Your Risk Adjustment Strategy

Leading health plan risk adjustment technology backed by artificial intelligence.

Apply AI To Your Risk Adjustment Strategy

Leading health plan risk adjustment technology backed by artificial intelligence.

Empower Your Risk Adjustment Strategy With High Impact AI

Risk adjustment is critical for improving margins, starting with a comprehensive data set. Advent Health Partner’s CAVO® technology solutions support your risk adjustment program by leveraging the clinical data to improve risk assessment and close gaps in care.

Implementing Risk Adjustment


CAVO detects conditions that are documented and fulfill MEAT criteria. Identified HCC codes are presented along with the supporting documentation to increase coder productivity and quality.


CAVO can search across the “medical record data lake” to identify records that meet RADV audit criteria. Validate that medical records contain strong evidence with CAVO’s AI-guided HCC coding solution. Compile and package evidence for submission with CAVO’s review interface.

CAVO Features

Open API and pre-built integrations

 Integrate backend systems with CAVO by utilizing the documented RESTful API.

HIPAA Compliant

Built to HITRUST specifications to ensure your data is protected.

Data Extraction

Extract data from structured forms and documents such as medical records.

Highly Scalable Architecture

CAVO servers scale horizontally so that any document received is processed within minutes.

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About CAVO

CAVO® is a revolutionary technology platform that supports various complex clinical claims review processes performed by health plans and services companies. CAVO empowers highly skilled clinical and coding resources with AI-driven functionality that shifts the focus from “low value”  tasks and requirements such as document access, search, analysis, and determination support within medical records and other unstructured data to “high value” tasks and requirements such as validation and final determination. The technology enables clinical and coding reviewers to easily access and structure medical records, itemized bills, and additional clinical data efficiently, consistently, cost-effectively, and profitably.

With over one million completed case reviews, CAVO delivers technology proven to scale up your medical record reviews and increase your team’s productivity by  300%-500%.

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