Our Executive Leadership Team

Before forming Advent Health Partners, we were high-end decision-makers at both payer and provider organizations. With the shared realization that health plans and healthcare providers such as hospitals and health systems face similar medical record review challenges that burden the process of determining appropriate reimbursement, we decided to streamline the review process.

Now, together as the Advent Health Partners team, we create solutions for both plans and providers designed to reduce administrative costs and augment existing resources.

Advent Health Partners - Mark Thienel

Mark Thienel

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Coop, Ph.D

Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

Advent Health Partners - Deborah Horne

Deborah Horne

VP – Clinical

Advent Health Partners - Bill Butler

Bill Butler

VP – Engineering

Advent Health Partners - Tracie Martin

Tracie Martin

VP – Growth

Advent Health Partners - Emily McMakin

Emily McMakin

Senior Director – Platform Management