Sepsis Diagnosis: The Impact of Age and Comorbidities

Sepsis Diagnosis: The Impact of Age and Comorbidities

DRG Predict Video Series | Part Two of Four | Sepsis Diagnosis

In part two of this four-part video series, our Clinical Product Director, Julie Scates, BSN RN, speaks with Clinical Products Specialist Amanda Curran regarding the impacts of age and comorbidity on a sepsis diagnosis. This builds on our discussion in part one about how the differences between sepsis definitions result in variance in billing and payment practices.

Keep an eye out for the final two videos in this series. In part three, experts from our Data Science team will be discussing automating the diagnosis of sepsis via artificial intelligence, and part four provides a walk-through of our new AI product that accelerates the efficiency of sepsis claims reviews within CAVO® and Apello.

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