Denial Recovery & Prevention

With a clinical team representing over 15 healthcare designations and a 90+% denial overturn rate, Advent Health Partners are experts in helping your organization recover revenue faster.

Denial Recovery & Prevention

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Choosing the right denial recovery and prevention partner can help your organization reduce time to revenue and decrease the cost to collect. With best-in-class technology and deep clinical experience, Advent Health Partners can not only help manage your organization’s current denials but serve as a partner to strategically prevent your denials, as well. While 90% of all denials are preventable, two-thirds of those preventable denials can be successfully appealed – and Advent can proactively prevent those claims from being denied in the first place, recovering more of your revenue faster.

Benefits of Working With Advent Health Partners

Clinical Expertise

Our dedicated team of RNs have experience in several specialized fields including cardiology, NICU, PICU, oncology, and wound care. This ensures that we can provide a comprehensive level of service to your organization based on your individual needs.

Industry-Leading Technology

Root cause reporting and analysis are at the core of denial prevention, and at Advent, that begins with our Optics platform. Optics brings together all of your 835 & 837 claim and denial data to be viewed in easily understood dashboards.

Flexible Partnership

Advent flexes to your needs regarding services, admission types, and volume of cases.

Comprehensive Defense

In the unlikely event of a denial, Advent defends our work throughout the life of the claim—at no additional cost.

Discover Additional Revenue

Access to a flexible, scalable denial recovery resource can help your organization recognize additional revenue and reduce future denials. Use our calculator to discover the additional revenue that your organization could recognize by partnering with Advent.

Improving Denial Rates with Appeal Management & Pre-Bill Reviews

Built to help your organization make confident, data-driven decisions, Optics brings together all of your 835 & 837 claim and denial data into a single data repository. Using data to find your organization’s starting point is the first step of denial prevention, and Optics is the cornerstone in augmenting those efforts. Built by clinicians to access and analyze clinical claim data, the Advent team’s clinical expertise ensures that your dashboards deliver the correct decision data.

The Client Success Partnership Difference

Advent Health Partners believes that a strong client relationship is the foundation for your organization’s denial recovery and prevention success. From the beginning of your engagement with Advent, your dedicated client success partner is there to fast-track solution for any challenges, goals, and growth and serve as your voice within Advent. Learn more about our client success partnership difference at the link.

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