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Automated Health Plan Itemized Bill Reviews

Automated Health Plan Itemized Bill Reviews

CAVO® Predict – IBs identifies individual charges for denials based on text descriptions, revenue codes, and HCPCS codes using CMS guidelines, industry standards, and payer policies for the patient setting. Claim reviewers easily accept or reject each suggestion, and CAVO® Predict – IBs utilizes these decisions to continuously refine the machine learning model for future reviews. Leverage CAVO® Predict to accelerate and standardize claims review processes through health plan payment integrity automation.

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Supercharge Your Data With CAVO's AI

CAVO Classify

Unstructured, complex data is quickly converted to a consistent and usable format through the use of AI to determine its unique source.

CAVO Extract

Critical components of usable and intelligently sorted data are quickly extracted and displayed to support particular business process use cases.

CAVO Predict

NLP and AI act as force multipliers for auditors, allowing them to focus their attention where needed instead of searching complex medical documents.

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