Medical Record Review Technology

CAVO® is an enterprise technology platform that streamlines the medical record review process by providing solutions to your payment integrity challenges in one place.

With over one million completed case reviews to date, CAVO delivers technology proven to scale up your medical record reviews and increase your team’s productivity by over 300%. Designed with the end-user in mind, CAVO organizes cases within a single data repository, allows users to search to pinpoint information instantly, and easily creates review and finding packets to articulate findings, all within the same platform.

Immediate ROI in Payment Integrity Review Areas

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Medical Necessity

  • Leverage clinical time for medical necessity and level of care audits—while maintaining quality
  • Streamline nurse and physician review time with CAVO’s annotate, highlight, and notes functionalities
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  • Facilitates escalation of medical record reviews to clinicians
  • Typically surfaces DRG information in 1-2 searches for coding determinations
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Evaluation & Management (E/M)

  • Utilizing Advent’s NLP resources, CAVO works with clients to automatically capture appropriate codes for large volumes of E/M cases
  • Systematically assigns E/M codes with confidence scores based on documentation meeting history, exam, and medical decision making
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Fraud, Waste & Abuse (FWA)

  • Searches across FWA cases, or through specific provider cases, to prioritize suspects
  • Builds custom reports to surface medical record review trends by providers, DRG codes, and more
  • Delivers scalable solution for FWA audits, regardless of database size or total records
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Itemized Bills

  • Sort and filter by revenue codes, dates, and item descriptions
  • Easily make line-by-line accept/reject decisions with customizable reason codes for each
  • Easily QA data against corresponding itemizations with auto-highlight tool
  • Auto-sum totals in real-time – including line detail of adjusted amounts

Watch CAVO Video Demo

8 Minutes

Check out key CAVO features – like instant, complex searches for information within medical records – that help your claims review team increase their productivity 300%+. Why eight minutes?  Because even our explainer videos are 300% faster than traditional methods.

How CAVO Works

  • Aggregates: Intake medical record documents into a single repository.
  • Answers: Deliver searchable platform of medical record data – including images.
  •  Assembles: Streamline findings summaries with highlight and annotate tools.
  • Analyzes: Expand medical record review reporting, including staff productivity.
  • Automates: Leverage CAVO to create/enhance machine learning and NLP.
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