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Revenue Integrity Consulting

For Hospitals & Health Systems

Optimize Reimbursements with Hospital Revenue Integrity Solutions

Our revenue integrity solutions team identifies root cause trends for your organization’s denials and delivers actionable recommendations. As a single vendor solution, Advent provides optional implementation assistance so your team can leverage these strategies—and results—immediately.

Client Benefits

Implement Data-Driven Strategies

  • Leverage Optics for 835 and 837 business intelligence reporting
  • Benchmark against industry peers

Generate Additional Revenue

  • Identify, trend, and solve denial root causes
  • Strategically deploy solutions with highest potential reimbursements and quickest timelines

Reduce Risk

  • Educate internal team

  • Build internal controls and strengthen processes

Produce Rapid Results

  • Design your implementation plan from our modular recommendations
  • Outsource to Advent, as needed, to overcome resource constraints

What Is Optics and How Does It Work?

Our proprietary business intelligence reporting tool
aligns 835/837 information
with claims data.



  • Conduct process interviews

  • Evaluate Optics reports



  • Assess data by applying industry best practices and Advent expertise

  • Determine denial root causes



  • Recommend actionable steps designed to minimize denials

  • Immediately available for implementation assistance

Why Choose Advent for Hospital Revenue Integrity Solutions?

  • Collaborative Process

Your team and feedback are integrated throughout each phase.

  • Cohesive Expertise

Outsource evaluation, recommendations, and implementation to a single partner.

  • Modular Implementation

Choose how and when recommendations are implemented.

  • Immediate Bandwidth

Utilize our team to hit aggressive timelines, regardless of your internal team’s priorities.

Looking to uncover the challenges and identify the gaps within your business?

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