Investing in the Health Plan-Provider Relationship

Investing in the Health Plan-Provider Relationship

Health plans and health systems have always been closely intertwined.

Even though plans and providers share the common purpose of reducing healthcare costs
for patients and members, sometimes there can be dissonance. Investing in the health plan-provider relationship and focusing on similar shared goals sets up both parties for a mutually beneficial relationship.

These benefits have been financially impactful for our health plan partners during our 10+ years of advising them to streamline their medical record review processes and reduce their claim and administrative costs by, on average, approximately $220M annually per plan.

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How does an improved connection with providers positively impact health plans? This eBook outlines nine benefits our health plan partners discovered through Advent Health Partners’ enhanced provider connections.

Topics include:

About Advent Health Partners

Advent Health Partners was founded in 2010 as an outsourced healthcare claims review vendor. As our business grew, the Advent claims review team of registered nurses, credentialed coders, and business analysts realized that the majority of their time was spent sifting through medical record documentation, trying to find decision data instead of making decisions. From there, our team began building solutions to increase review efficiencies and pinpoint process improvement opportunities for both health plans and hospitals.

Today, our mission is to share our clinical expertise, industry-leading technology, and best practices with plans, providers, and partners to accelerate appropriate reimbursement and increase review team productivity across the healthcare industry.

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