Mark Thienel

Mark Thienel

Chief Executive Officer

Mark’s healthcare career of 20+ years has been focused in the payment accuracy space for both hospitals and health plans. In 1999, he helped start the data mining division for AIM Healthcare Services, Inc. and became SVP of Operations. After being acquired by Optum in 2009, Mark led new product development focused on government Third Party Liability and universal eligibility verification utility.

In 2013, Mark stepped in as CEO of Advent Health Partners, Inc., where he continues to lead the building of new healthcare service and technology solutions. He focuses on bridging the gaps between health plans and providers by reducing the administrative costs between them – and sharing information to efficiently achieve appropriate reimbursement throughout the industry. Mark also leverages his problem-solving abilities outside the office and often spends weekend time fixing and building around the house.

Heard from Mark

“Advent has the expertise, provider and health plan experience, and scalable technology solutions to ensure claims are properly reimbursed. Our CAVO and Apello technology platforms are innovating how clinical claims are reviewed, data is extracted, and imaged claim information is shared. The entire healthcare ecosystem is benefiting!”