Clinical Appeals Success Rate

We provide our clients with a 90%+ success rate on all clinical denial appeals.

Who We Are

Advent is a dedicated team of clinical and operational experts founded on solving the most complex clinical denials through the use of technology. For years, physician practices and acute care hospitals have been taking advantage of the productivity lifts by outsourcing their claims management processes for improved time to revenue and payment accuracies. We are team players who collaborate with our clients  to drive process efficiencies and streamline the revenue cycle through timely claims management. Whether it’s our staff working in-house or adapting to your environment, our ETP solution offers flexibility, dependability and innovation.  Our team of clinical experts, credentialed coders and skilled business analysts are well-versed subject matter experts in multiple EMRs, payer/industry guidelines, and are a trusted resource specifically in overturning medical necessity denials from every angle. We ensure claims are paid correctly and timely.

Our ETP Solution

Advent utilizes a unique blend of internal and external claims management services to create the Expertise Technology Partnership (ETP) solution.  Through our ETP solution, client’s can leverage clinical subject matter experts, CAVO technology and a flexible partnership with Advent.   This blend of technology and services drives an efficient office workflow that streamlines timely and accurate claim submissions and denial management processes.


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Feedback & Root-Cause Analysis

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Post Discharge/Pre-Bill Services

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Post-Bill Services

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