Advent Health Partners was founded in 2010 as a provider advocate, recovering inappropriately denied third party payer claims. When recovering these claims, Advent’s analytics and experienced staff provided insight into additional revenue that could be captured through clinical claim denials. In fact, in 2013 our team of registered nurses, credentialed coders and business analysts, developed a technology to boost our own internal processes and help productivity to gain efficiency. Shortly after we implemented this technology into our practices, our productivity and agility sky-rocketed 500%. We excavated through vast amounts of disparate data silos and turned them into actionable information. CAVO®, Latin for dig, was born.

Before forming Advent, we were high-end decision makers at both payer and provider organizations. The common realization that most companies in healthcare suffer from the same operational and technical pain-points that we did, we decided to join together and solve the problem as the Advent Team. CAVO® has been too valuable of an asset not to be shared. Today, we share our story, technology and our best practices with the healthcare community to accelerate cost avoidance and improve productivity. We are what we do… driving maximum financial returns and operational insights through knowledge, technology and collaboration.

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Accelerate cost avoidance through traditional denial services management with a strong skill set in clinical denials.


Drive maximum financial returns and improve operational efficiencies through knowledge, technology, and advocacy.


Ensure appropriate, efficient reimbursement by removing barriers between healthcare providers and payers utilizing technology and thought leadership.


Mark Thienel


"Advent has the expertise, provider & payer experience, and the right technology to ensure claims are properly reimbursed. Our CAVO® technology is disrupting traditional thinking on how clinical claims are reviewed, data is extracted, and imaged claim information is shared. The entire market is benefiting!"


Bill Butler

VP of Engineering

"Document management systems completely miss the mark when it comes to search. What good is a 3000 page case if you are forced to read every page? CAVO® technology surfaces complex search terms in seconds freeing you to make important decisions."



Deborah Horne

VP of Operations

"Advent improves time to revenue by gaining results through surfacing new business sources, efficiencies realized through CAVO® technology, and scaling your business as our client. Clinical reviews are our niche."


Brandon Thompson

VP of Business Development

"We are giving valuable insight into the clinical claims process at every point in its lifecycle by offering our services and technology to our clients. By aiding our clients in finding answers fast, we are giving our clients the opportunity to significantly improve revenue, maximize ROI, and increase productivity. We provide the expertise to mitigate clinical challenges across the healthcare industry."


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