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Concurrent Review Outsourcing

Advent Health Partners can augment your organization’s concurrent review process, leading to decreased time-to-revenue and a strong foundation for denial prevention.

Why Concurrent Reviews Matter

Concurrent reviews are key to your organization providing high-quality patient care and strengthening an efficient and accurate denial prevention strategy. They not only ensure proper admission of patients but offer a unique opportunity for your organization to decrease time to revenue and increase reimbursement. However, they also increase the workload on clinical teams, which reduces their availability for high-quality patient care.

Delegating concurrent reviews to a clinically experienced partner—whether in whole or in part—relieves pressure on nursing staff while still maximizing financial benefits. Advent Health Partners works as part of your team to get more concurrent reviews completed, reinforcing your organization’s denial prevention strategy and letting your clinical team get back to doing what they do best: patient care.

How Can Advent Support Your Concurrent Review Process?

Advent’s concurrent reviews are first-level utilization reviews performed in real-time through EMR access for emergency department or inpatient cases. We:

  • Obtain pre-authorizations
  • Provide support documentation
  • Communication with physicians
  • Collaborate with payers to provide a patient’s progression and/or secure authorization through discharge

Whether it’s increasing the total volume of your case reviews, needing coverage during specific days or times, offloading reviews from your team so they can get back to clinical care, or any number of other reasons, Advent has a solution for you. Advent’s clinicians have experience in a wide range of specialties including cardiology, oncology, NICU/PICU, and wound care to deliver informed, experience-based decisions. This enables our team to step in and seamlessly handle your concurrent reviews so that your team can get back to doing what they do best.

Why Use Advent for Concurrent Reviews?

Advent’s team becomes an extension of your team.

Our team steps into your existing workflow, ready to start immediately. We’re experts in the use of both InterQual® and Milliman Care Guidelines (MCG).

Our offerings are flexible to your needs.

Advent is able to accommodate specific times, days, or review types to eliminate gaps in concurrent review coverage.

We guarantee our work and will work a claim to completion.

In the unlikely event of a denial, Advent defends our work throughout the life of the claim – at no additional cost.

Our goal is to provide your team the knowledge and resources right now to ensure appropriate reimbursement and reduce denials in the future.

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