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Best-in-Class Denial Appeals Technology

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Apello Aggregates - Hospital Claims Denial Technology

Enterprise claims and appeals review technology platform

Apello scales to support the intake of tens of millions of records daily and is able to handle tens of thousands of concurrent user requests. Additionally, we can even provide fast paging over lower bandwidth connections due to our unique method of delivering individual pages to the user. This option improves end user experiences for remote nurse reviewers and coding reviewers with slower internet connections. Therefore, our claims and appeal review solution can be applied efficiently – regardless of the percentage of remote resources.

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Open API

Our documentation allows your organization to POST/DELETE documents into Apello. It’s also possible to perform GET operations for cases, documents, and individual pages. If your provider organization has a team who understands RESTful APIs, they will be able to interact with Apello from other systems within minutes of viewing our documentation.

Apello Accepts - Hospital Claims Denial Technology
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Our enterprise appeals review platform is built with AWS and IBM as partners to deliver a secure HIPAA compliant environment capable of scaling to your healthcare organization’s needs. Additionally, all data at rest is encrypted and all data in transit is encrypted.

Advent Health Partners has successfully completed the SOC 2, Type 2 examination and HITRUST CSF certification.

Designed for medical record review end users

Apello features a friendly, clean user interface that intuitively aligns with typical workflows since it was designed by clinical, coding, and healthcare operational staff representing tens of thousands of hours of medical record review experience. And while many healthcare-specific technologies exist, Apello is a claims and appeal technology designed to address the specific challenges of this process.

Apello Assembles - Hospital Claims Denial Technology
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Highly scalable architecture

Apello implements best practices through Amazon Web Services (AWS) by harnessing autoscale groups, cloudformation templates, S3 storage, and horizontal scaling to meet processing demands. These activities occur automatically based upon rules baked into the architecture. Changes to our architecture are 100% scripted, allowing us to instantly spin up and down in any AWS region in the world.

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Full text OCR and search of medical records

Apello’s proprietary OCR enables full text search functionality—which makes categorizing or indexing medical records unnecessary. Instead, end users smart search the medical record (at times even leveraging pre-defined searches customized for your organization to further increase productivity) and receive search results ranked by relevance.

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Ready to efficiently appeal denials?

Now you can with Apello.

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Catalyst for machine learning and NLP

Since Apello captures each word within the medical record, this mined text can be leveraged to automate an audit segment based on predefined rules and/or established queries. Ultimately, all processed images, reports, and work compilations are available through an open API for machine learning/NLP that can further streamline your appeal review team.

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Accessible platform with 99.95% uptime

With a 99.95% average uptime across the last 12 months, our cloud-based medical record solution is almost always ready to streamline time for your denial management team.

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Built-in management tools

Apello offers role-based permissions at the individual level, enabling your hospital or health system to efficiently manage end-user access and functionality. Plus, we audit almost every relevant action performed by your Apello end users, allowing your team to generate detailed usage reports for security purposes and/or productivity trends.