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In many hospitals, denial rates are higher than they should be. Unfortunately, some hospitals lack the correct resources and best practices to challenge medical necessity denials effectively and efficiently. Here’s how Advent improved one provider’s results.

The Goal

This hospital’s needs were simple: prevent denials, improve day-to-day documentation supporting the bill, and reduce time to revenue.

The Solution

Together with Advent, the hospital was able to:

  • Pinpoint denial root causes,
  • Recover $20+ million in the first 18 months,
  • Review an average of 300 pre-bill claims per month, and
  • Take precautions to prevent subsequent denials.

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Client Observation

“Being able to prevent some of these problems before we ever dropped the bill was really powerful. We were even closer to getting our DNFB to three days or fewer, reducing our rate of denials, and winning by getting the claim paid correctly the first time.”

Operations Executive, Large Hospital