Clinical Expertise

Need fast ROI? Our skilled clinical team will assure a positive difference in your organization. Our experience with both providers and payers means we begin work immediately by reviewing pre-bill claims to recognize post-bill appeal opportunities. Then, we work closely with your personnel to share identified operational and contractual root causes for process improvements. This feedback loop maximizes efficiency and increases your reimbursements. The best part? A 90% success rate in overturning wrongfully denied claims.

Partner with Advent

Streamline your revenue cycle through a custom blend of services, technology and clinical /operational best practices with Advent. Our experts aid in overturning denials on appeals and provide support around your use of CAVO® technology. There will be no cherry picking of high-value claims or leaving you in the lurch the next time regulatory changes lead to a large claims backlog. Whether it’s our staff working externally or adapting our services and technology to your environment, benefit from flexibility, responsiveness and innovation to your claims management processes.

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