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Extract hospital bill data. Increase review productivity 5x.

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See CAVO IB Reviews auto-extract, filter, and sort data


CAVO® Itemized Bill Reviews intakes itemized bills and auto-extracts data so health plan reviewers can:

Sort and filter itemized bill data

by revenue codes, dates of service, and item descriptions

Make line adjustments

for accept/reject by line using organization-specific reason codes

Utilize real-time totals

with auto-summed adjustments and charges

Create provider reports

with auto-generated headers

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“As a member of the beta group for the CAVO IB Reviews initiative, I was impressed with how well the technology translated our itemized bills into usable, sortable data. I found that the technology cut my average itemized bill review time by two-thirds. As a CAVO user of more than a year, I’ve experienced the platform evolving, and I’m excited about the possibilities as CAVO IB Reviews is also continually enhanced to improve efficiencies throughout the review process.”

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Less Cost

  • Cost savings on incremental reviews
  • Reallocate data entry resources to higher value activities
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More Reviews

  • Increase productivity of current provider bill review team
  • Dramatic decline in time per review enables increase (or implementation) of pre-pay reviews
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Create Efficiencies

  • Negate the need for itemized bill transcription
  • Replace manual page-by-page review with online hospital bill search
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Prepayment Review

Implement CAVO IB Reviews for prepayment reviews

  • Comply with prompt pay laws
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Postpayment Review

Perform postpayment reviews with CAVO + CAVO IB Reviews

  • Search for related medical record information within single platform