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Proper Reimbursement Payer Policies [Webinar]

Proper Reimbursement Payer Policies [Webinar]

When aiming to ensure proper reimbursement for your hospital or health system, many variables are involved to continually refine payer policies to individual chargemasters. In this webinar recorded in partnership with HFMA Region 9, Deborah Horne, Advent Health Partners’ Vice President of Clinical Operations, discusses the current challenges in receiving reimbursement. She walks through a case study to illustrate workflow and how to incorporate the refinement process to current contracts, appropriate policies, and extenuating circumstances surrounding the same.

Learning Objectives:

  • Predict reimbursement outcomes for appropriate reimbursement prior to billing
  • Learn payer reimbursement policies and guidelines
  • Incorporate the best possible chargemaster

Identifying root cause trends for your organization’s denials is key to ensuring proper reimbursement. Advent Health Partners’ Revenue Integrity Consulting helps your organization identify, trend, and solve your root denial causes. By implementing data-driven strategies, we help your organization increase revenue and reduce risk. Schedule a 20-minute solution demo below to discover how Advent can help your organization.

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