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Utilization Management to Increase Patient Satisfaction

patient satisfaction

What is a health system without patients, or patients without a health system? Patient satisfaction is overwhelmingly important to the growth and success of a health system, and in turn, they expect the utmost care. That doesn’t mean the system is without its complications. Utilization management is designed to increase patient satisfaction while improving a […]

Optimizing Your Revenue Cycle: Best Practices & Recommendations

group of medical staff are indoors in a hospital wearing medical clothing

What is Utilization Management? Utilization Management assures your patients receive the care they need and provides a base to start focusing on denial prevention. Utilization Management comprises three assessments: prior authorization, pre-bill reviews, and concurrent reviews. Prior Authorization: Also known as prospective reviews, prior authorization decreases denials and increases patient access by requiring approval before […]

Optimizing Your Revenue Cycle: Strategic Partnerships

doctor in a white doctor's coat is shaking the hand of someone wearing a blue shirt and another doctor is standing in the back holding a clipboard and smiling optimizing, revenue

More than one-third of nurses plan to leave their positions by the end of 2022, prolonging the nursing shortage. In addition to nurses, there is a strong trend of struggling to retain revenue cycle staff. Approximately 25 percent of healthcare finance leaders report that their revenue cycle team is short by approximately 20 people. Finding […]

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