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Looking Back: A 2023 Retrospective of Denial Industry Trends

2023 retrospective

As we look back on 2023, it’s evident that the denial industry has experienced a significant increase in claim denials. Nearly half of providers indicated that they saw a rise in denials compared to 2022. Advent Health Partner’s data supports this by indicating an increase of 30% more denied dollars, year over year, on a […]

5 Tips for Healthcare Providers to Better Prevent DRG Downgrades

business team discussing together during meeting at office

Why learn to prevent DRG downgrades? The clinical downgrading of diagnosis-related groups (DRG), or DRG downgrades, has become an extremely problematic issue for healthcare providers over the past decade. Overall, denials related to DRGs are increasing; downgrading target DRGs without even requesting documentation can also happen. One healthcare system, for example, found that DRG downgrades […]

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