Shifting DRGs ‘to the left’


DRGs play an important role in the healthcare landscape; their significance, challenges, and potential to enhance revenue integrity programs in an ever-evolving market are unlike other patient categorization systems. How a payer approaches DRGs can reduce administrative burdens and refine provider relationships, and when combined with pre-pay claim review tools, they can be transformative to […]

Introducing: A Superior Client Experience

The New CAVO Interface Advent Health Partners is excited to unveil the latest release of CAVO®— featuring new, powerful features to enhance the CAVO experience. These features will enable greater flexibility among users, increase the power of individual modules, and use cases facilitating the exact functions and descriptions users need to be successful. This release […]

Five Rules for Successful AI Implementation


Artificial intelligence is complex, but utilizing it within your organization to leverage its benefits doesn’t have to be. Join Advent Health Partners’ resident expert and Chief AI Officer, Dr. Robert Coop, as he explains the concept of artificial intelligence in healthcare and the five rules of AI implementation in an easily understandable way. Why does […]

2022 CAVO® Client Experience Highlights

Going into 2023, Advent Health Partners remains committed to a high-quality, responsive, in-house client experience team and backs it up with measured proof. Outsourcing can be less client-focused and lead to low client satisfaction, lost productivity, and lost revenue. With a 100% U.S.-based support team, Advent’s clients receive faster and better support since our team […]

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