Bill Butler

Bill Butler

VP – Engineering

Bill Butler is VP Engineering for Advent Health Partners and the inventor of CAVO and Apello, innovative document processing solutions and review platforms. He delivers 15 years of experience as the founder of two regional ISPs and 11 years of experience managing software development teams focused on the healthcare market. He is passionate about matching user requirements with technical feasibility by acting as a translator between SMEs and application developers.

Bill is a firm believer in the Agile Software Development process and dynamic DevOps architecture, ensuring continuity and fault tolerance across the enterprise. If he’s not available on Slack, you can probably find him fixing up his old boat.

Heard from Bill

“Document management systems completely miss the mark when it comes to search. How much good is a 3,000 page medical record if you are forced to read every page to perform a review? CAVO and Apello technologies surface complex search terms in seconds, freeing you to spend your time to make determination decisions.”