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Five Rules for Successful AI Implementation

Five Rules for Successful AI Implementation

Artificial intelligence is complex, but utilizing it within your organization to leverage its benefits doesn’t have to be. Join Advent Health Partners’ resident expert and Chief AI Officer, Dr. Robert Coop, as he explains the concept of artificial intelligence in healthcare and the five rules of AI implementation in an easily understandable way.

Why does this matter for your healthcare organization? It’s simple; a successful AI strategy can save your organization millions of dollars. In this on-demand video, watch as Dr. Coop explains:

  • What is artificial intelligence?
  • Does AI actually work in a healthcare setting?
  • Five rules for a fool-proof implementation

About the Speaker

Advent Health Partners’ Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer Dr. Robert Coop has 15+ years of experience in the AI field, specializing in deep learning, neural network training algorithms, and ensemble techniques. At Advent, he is dedicated to constantly improving our machine learning practices and extending that same leadership to our clients. He has built a successful track record of starting and leading data science teams to improve the data science space.

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