Predefined Search Functionality

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See CAVO’s Predefined Search Functionality In this 40-second video, see how your medical record review team can increase their productivity by digitally searching medical records – leveraging 100+ customizable pre-defined searches (structured similar to NLP foundations) to pinpoint DRG validation information.

Digitally search medical records for claims reviews

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Check Out Our 1-minute CAVO Answers Functionality Video. See how CAVO Answers enables you to type search terms or phrases, utilize pre-defined searches, create and sort by tags, and receive relevance-ranked results.

[VIDEO] How Hospitals Benefit from Advent’s Claim Review Services

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What are the benefits of working with Advent? Our experts deliver medical claims review services through a flexible model designed to help you in the ways you most need. We focus on clean claims through denial prevention services and viable claims through denial management services. Schedule a Consultation