Pre-bill Review Advantages for your Denial Management System

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The Rise of Denials According to Fierce Healthcare, hospital denial rates were climbing prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, but they reached new heights as hospitals had to counter the new public health emergency. Harmony Healthcare conducted a study and received responses from 130 respondents. One-third of hospitals who responded to their poll said their hospitals […]

4 Ways to Prevent Disallowed Charges From Bundled Claims

Prevent Disallowed Charges

For the past few years, Medicare has been testing out new ways to bundle claims. The goal of this bundled claim switch is to improve care and reduce costs. A few apparent benefits in the bundled claims model have already been tested. One is simplifying the billing process by instituting a single price for all […]

Improving Denial Appeal Rates & Implementing Pre-Bill Reviews

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/ Pre-Bill Reviews / Denial Management /   METROPOLITAN HOSPITAL  600+ BEDS When the newly hired operations executive arrived at the 600+ bed acute care hospital in the Northeast, she immediately identified her first challenge: a facility denial rate almost triple the national average. Plus, her initial assessment determined that this metropolitan hospital lacked the […]