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The Importance of Clinical Expertise in A Revenue Integrity Partner

defocused shot of a group of medical practitioners working in a hospital

When considering engaging a revenue integrity partner, it’s essential to focus on three main components: clinical expertise, the right technology, and proven client success. Clinical expertise is critical in solving clinical and coding review challenges. Look for these important qualifications when evaluating potential partners: A team of industry veteran nurses with multiple years of experience […]

Key Considerations for Outsourcing Your Revenue Cycle

healthcare business graph and medical examination and businessman analyzing data and growth chart on blurred background

Hospital systems could risk losing $122 billion in revenue by the end of 2021. The American Hospital Association commissioned a study to examine the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on hospital revenue. They found that hospital revenue will likely continue declining throughout 2021 to make up for the increase in drug, labor, and supply expenses […]

Revenue Integrity: Analyzing and Reporting

close up of paper with charts and graphs printed on them with businessman in a suit and holding a laptop is hovering over the papers, holding a pen

In the healthcare industry, as with an industry involving business units, it’s common to see gaps form between clinical operations, coding teams, and patient accounting. This is a universal issue and not necessarily the fault of any one system. As a best practice, revenue integrity can be used to bridge some of these naturally occurring […]

Achieve Denial Avoidance in ICU Stay Documentation

nurse monitoring a newborn's vital signs in an incubator while wearing a facemask

Our Strategy for Hospital ICU Stay Documentation Learn more regarding how Advent Health Partner’s Revenue Integrity Consulting team can leverage Optics reporting, our denial management analytics delivered in drill down dashboards, to help hospitals and health systems implement denial avoidance programs. Keep reading for a specific example of our team utilizing Optics data to help […]

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