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Client Success Strategy [Video]

male colleague in a blue shirt explaining a business concept to his female colleague in a white shirt. They are sitting in front of a laptop computer with charts visible on the screen Our team invests in a strategic partnership with our clients, focused on minimizing denials and ensuring appropriate reimbursement.  Advent’s clinical expertise, joined with revenue cycle technology, provides an unparalleled client success strategy. Our objective is to be the partner utilized to bridge current and future gaps within clinical reviews and provide detailed information and […]

Outpatient Appeal Management at Northeast Health System

modern building façade with hospital signage against blue sky

The Challenges An extensive Northeast health system, consisting of 30+ hospitals and more than 7,000 beds, found it challenging to manage their outpatient appeal managements. While the business operations were largely centralized, the limited clinical resources tasked with defending denied claims were navigating multiple EMRs and systems, as well as having to write persuasive appeals […]

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