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Out of Office: Where our Employees spend their VTO


One of the benefits Advent Health Partners team members enjoy is having eight hours of paid volunteer time off per year. Taking an active part in your local community is encouraged, and we believe in providing our employees with the opportunity to make a difference. In addition to a flexible VTO policy, Advent also plans […]

Utilization Management to Increase Patient Satisfaction

patient satisfaction

What is a health system without patients, or patients without a health system? Patient satisfaction is overwhelmingly important to the growth and success of a health system, and in turn, they expect the utmost care. That doesn’t mean the system is without its complications. Utilization management is designed to increase patient satisfaction while improving a […]

Making Medical History

March 1st marks the beginning of Women’s History Month. President Jimmy Carter in 1980 declared the first official women’s history week, and seven years later, Congress expanded the celebration to last the entire month. The 2023 Women’s History Month theme is Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories. Advent Health Partners is telling the stories of […]

Black History Month: Diversity in Healthcare

Black History Month

Black History Month Black History Month is a time to celebrate black American history and culture, but it is also a time to acknowledge the inequalities that black Americans face. Achieving inclusivity and equity is ongoing, and bringing awareness to societal gaps that minorities face is essential in all parts of life. One clear place […]

2022 CAVO® Client Experience Highlights

Going into 2023, Advent Health Partners remains committed to a high-quality, responsive, in-house client experience team and backs it up with measured proof. Outsourcing can be less client-focused and lead to low client satisfaction, lost productivity, and lost revenue. With a 100% U.S.-based support team, Advent’s clients receive faster and better support since our team […]

Optimizing Your Revenue Cycle: Best Practices & Recommendations

group of medical staff are indoors in a hospital wearing medical clothing

What is Utilization Management? Utilization Management assures your patients receive the care they need and provides a base to start focusing on denial prevention. Utilization Management comprises three assessments: prior authorization, pre-bill reviews, and concurrent reviews. Prior Authorization: Also known as prospective reviews, prior authorization decreases denials and increases patient access by requiring approval before […]

Optimizing Your Revenue Cycle: Strategic Partnerships

doctor in a white doctor's coat is shaking the hand of someone wearing a blue shirt and another doctor is standing in the back holding a clipboard and smiling optimizing, revenue

More than one-third of nurses plan to leave their positions by the end of 2022, prolonging the nursing shortage. In addition to nurses, there is a strong trend of struggling to retain revenue cycle staff. Approximately 25 percent of healthcare finance leaders report that their revenue cycle team is short by approximately 20 people. Finding […]

Optimizing Your Revenue Cycle: Applying Analytics

young woman conducting a lecture with the aid of a large screen displaying data and designs concerning low carbon electricity production with solar panels and wind turbines

Following and understanding industry trends is one of the best ways to improve your revenue cycle. By nature, the healthcare industry is constantly evolving. This means that your revenue strategy won’t stand up to the test of time without optimization and development. The best revenue plan is strict, flexible, and keeps up with industry trends. […]

Optimizing Your Revenue Cycle: Denial Prevention

doctor and nurse examining reports of patient lying in icu

As of 2022, payer denial rates are hitting averages as high as 80%. This increase in denials severely affects hospitals by decreasing revenue and overloading staff. Why the increase in denial rates, though? Payers are rapidly gaining two things: knowledge and technology. Their algorithms are getting smarter, which drives up productivity without having to increase […]

Optimizing Your Revenue Cycle: Clean Claim Rate

stethoscope laying on charts next to a tablet

An efficient denial prevention process is based on the concept of clean claims. Your clean claim rate is the differentiating factor between denial prevention and appeal management. Ensuring clean claims is critical to your bottom line. Why? Clean claims are 1:1, dollar for dollar, every time. The farther a claim is in the denial process, […]

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