The 5 A's of the CAVO Process

HOW: CAVO®'s patent-pending technology platform intakes siloed data, from both documents and images, across multiple platforms. It combines all information into a central, cloud-based repository for quick searches.

BENEFIT: Automates previously manual search—including images

HOW: Smart, complex search functionality enables instant excavation through large data sets across multiple platforms—with results ranked by relevance. Efficiently utilize CAVO®’s 100+ pre-defined searches or create custom organizational searches.

BENEFIT: Leverages clinical resources

HOW: Create abbreviated documents utilizing tools that select, highlight, and annotate within the imaged medical record. Leverage customizable letter templates and share information via email, fax, workflow/ document management systems, etc.

BENEFIT: Reduces administrative costs

HOW: Since CAVO® recognizes unstructured data from images within the medical records, the platform’s open API enables analytics reporting at the enterprise level on both structured and unstructured data.

BENEFIT: Expands reporting to include unstructured data (i.e., images)

HOW: Leverage CAVO® to automate an audit segment based on predefined rules and/or established queries. Create — or enhance current — NLP or machine learning to prioritize and/or automate reviews based on medical record contents.

BENEFIT: Facilitates machine learning

CAVO: Addressing Today's Challenges while Planning for Future Opportunities