Have you ever wished you could access medical record information from a single platform?

Now you can with CAVO.

One viewable and searchable platform

Is your health plan receiving medical record documents by mail, fax, electronic portals, and/or CCDA/HL7? CAVO Aggregates solves for the inefficiencies created by these various channels and enables reviewers to access all documentation from a single platform.

Create a cloud-based repository of medical record documents and images for claims reviews

Check out our 1-minute video explaining CAVO Aggregates functionality.

Common Health Plan Challenges:

  • Receipt of medical record information from multiple channels (traditional mail and fax – plus electronic portals and CCDA/HL7)
  • Imaged medical record data (i.e., unstructured data), limiting technological solutions

CAVO’s Solution:

CAVO Aggregates consolidates medical record information into a single, cloud-based repository of searchable medical record information. CAVO ingests both structured and unstructured data, so even imaged medical records are ready for searching by your review teams.

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