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An Enterprise Medical Record Review Platform

Directly access EMR data and images

Digitally review, sum, sort, and share IBs

Immediately decrease cost containment spends

Expand audits

Increase productivity by 300+%

Immediate ROI areas for health plans include:

  • Leverage clinical time by improving productivity and timeliness – while maintaining quality.
  • Nurses can share only findings—and further streamline doctors’ time with CAVO®’s annotate, highlight, and notes functionalities.
  • Escalation to clinicians is facilitated through CAVO®.
  • CAVO® typically surfaces the needed DRG information within 1—2 searches.
  • Captures data from original itemized bill and displays it within a filterable format, enabling sorts by revenue codes, dates, and item descriptions.
  • Generate a PDF report automated with correct header data and items marked within system to share with providers.
  • Search across cases or search specific providers—including images—to prioritize suspects.
  • Build custom reports to surface trends by providers, DRG codes, etc.
  • Scalable solution, regardless of database size or total records.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Not only can reviewers easily pull up a patient’s entire file on the computer screen, now with a few keystrokes they can search a 10,000-page medical record and see all references to specific data points within seconds…[our] ultimate goal in switching to CAVO®’s technology is to zero out hard copy records altogether.”

Manager, Payment Integrity

Best in class technology

Our RESTful API endpoints allow your systems to interact in real-time with CAVO®

CAVO®’s proprietary full text search functionality makes categorizing unnecessary

Highly scaled  architecture promotes stability, strong SLAs, and adoption

Very friendly user interface with optional functionality for a multitude of use cases

CAVO® Service: IB Reviews

This technology intakes itemized bills (IBs) and re-formats them into filterable data, enabling you to:

  • Sort by revenue codes, dates, and item descriptions.
  • Auto-sum totals in real-time.
  • Easily make accept/reject decisions with checkbox functionality.
  • Create PDF reports with auto-generated headers.
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Users experience a 300%+ productivity increase


How CAVO® Works



3 Reasons to Use CAVO®

Streamline Medical Claims Review Process

CAVO® transforms the medical claims review process by intaking medical record documents and images to create searchable data. Payer claims review teams can then search – using even complex and saved organizational searches – to increase findings and leverage clinical resources.

Efficiently Assemble Documents

Use CAVO® to create “findings” summaries utilizing our select, highlight, and annotate tools within the imaged medical record. The result is an efficient packet including only data relevant to that claim.

Plan for Tomorrow’s Medical Claims Reviews

Leverage CAVO® to automate audit segments today while facilitating future machine learning for claims reviews.

By the Numbers: A CAVO® Client Success Story

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