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CAVO: an enterprise medical record platform

Does your health plan have a medical claims review backlog?

CAVO can solve it.

Many health plans have a medical claims review backlog due to nursing shortages or other factors. CAVO technology enables your medical necessity, DRG, FWA, and itemized bill review teams to catch up and streamlines the future process.

By intaking medical record documents from multiple platforms and utilizing our proprietary OCR technology to create searchable data, CAVO automates the traditional manual document scanning and searching for determination data. Additionally, users can create “findings” summaries within our appeals management technology. With only these steps, CAVO users average 300+% increases in their total medical record reviews in the same length of time – alleviating your medical claims review backlog.

CAVO® Claims Review Results Calculator

Based on your current staff levels and daily cases reviewed, estimate your health plan’s overall productivity lifts utilizing CAVO®.

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