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Advent developed CAVO® technology as a SaaS-based solution to leverage efficiency gains in denial review.  CAVO® aids the decision-making process by gathering relevant data surrounding a claim to correct inefficiencies pre or post billing. As a user, you find pertinent documents from multiple systems in near real-time.

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Cloud-based or on-premise, CAVO® helps you and your users overhaul workflow. Maximize health claim decision making, improve the quality of work and create a seamless process from data aggregation to service approval or denial. As a SaaS solution, benefits from light implementation that provides a real-time document management, productivity multiplier and decision making technology  rather than a costly outsourced solution.

Scalable from one user up to thousands of users, CAVO® integrates health data and documents and allows for query across one or multiple claims across an entire system in real time. CAVO® efficiently retrieves data from multiple information systems and places it into one central repository for relevant review that determines medical necessity and the ability to apply specific criteria/guidelines as appropriate. The result? An increase in ROI.

Consider This…

Web-Based Application

Access CAVO® Technology whenever you need to on any device.

No Operational Downtime

CAVO® integrates directly into your process and implementation requires no operational downtime.

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SMART Search

CAVO®‘s intuitive Smart-Search functionality allows quick excavation through large data sets across multiple data platforms regardless of location. Similar to a traditional search engine, search keywords, phrases, codings and images to gather appropriate information. CAVO® takes silos of data and conveniently stores them in one central repository with the intuitive nature of a simple Smart Search.


Reorganize search data within the CAVO® interface to appropriately segment and triage information for successful document configuration. Consolidate key information from multiple sources across multiple systems and locations  into one concise document.


CAVO® makes streamlining the information delivery process easier than ever. Documentation configured within the CAVO® platform is ready immediately for digital delivery or printing.