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Advent developed CAVO®, a Software‐as a‐ Service (SaaS) technology, that revolutionizes decision processes that rely heavily on paper, digital and image resources. Cloud‐based or on‐premise, CAVO® helps your users overhaul workflow to maximize health claim decision-making, improve quality of work and create a seamless process from data aggregation to service approval or denial.  As a SaaS solution,  a light implementation provides a real‐time document management, productivity multiplier, and decision-making technology to users rather than a costly outsourced solution.

Scalable from one user up to thousands of users, CAVO® integrates health data and documents, allowing for query of one or multiple claims across an entire system in near real time. CAVO® efficiently retrieves data from multiple information sources and places it into one central repository for relevant document review that determines medical necessity and the ability to apply specific criteria/guidelines as appropriate. This means government payers are able to more efficiently realize ROI with less initial expense.


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Advent Arrow_25x28 Query Across Disparate Data Sources


Analyzing health records is both time consuming and expensive. CAVO® solves this problem by effectively compiling disparate data into a single source of truth. Our online solution enables end users to rapidly make informed decisions that save valuable department resources. With CAVO®, business units analyze and review multiple claims through an internet browser‐like keyword search functionality easily and without IT intervention.

Advent Arrow_25x28 5x Productivity Lift


CAVO® users typically profit from up to a 20% lift in cost savings and an immediate increase in productivity. The CAVO® solution complements your current workflows and innovates the aggregation of disparate documents. We developed historical queries with recognizable results that allow users to quickly find pertinent documents in seconds. Your ad hoc queries are only a click away. With documentation in hand, clinicians, coders and analysts benefit from the timeliness and accuracy of the search and assembly feature. As a result, staff can safely work from anywhere to make health-related decisions in a fraction of the time

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Advent Arrow_25x28 Communication Portal


CAVO® technology enables electronic retrieval of documentation from providers and creates a two-way communication dialogue via a single online application. Information is aggregated through an interface with existing vendor systems as well as electronic health records (EHRs) Other data can also be provided directly by providers through a web-based provider portal. Our online communication tool fosters collaboration, reduces appeals and improves provider relations by allowing you to supply timely quality responses.
Our proprietary integration technology integrates with existing data systems and provides real-time access to compiled data.

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