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Timely Support

Our team is here for each other and whenever our clients need us. We are always ready to lend a helping hand towards your success.

Innovative Ideas

We are innovators. Whether it’s reviewing, researching or applying the endless ways we can leverage patent-pending CAVO® for enhanced processes. Each enhancement is always initiated from a new innovative idea.

Advanced Technology

CAVO® technology is the engine that runs our processes. All of our employees gain knowledge and expertise in the power of CAVO®.


Our team is comprised of communicators. The path to a successfully appealed claim or monetizing processes comes only through a collaborative effort from all angles.

Advent Arrow Our Team

Product Manager

Our Product Managers are responsible for the product planning and execution throughout its lifecycle. These visionaries work closely with engineering, sales, and marketing to support and ensure revenue that meets the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Business Analyst

Our Business Analysts, like all of our other positions, wear multiple hats. These analytical connoisseurs perform statistical analysis and develop innovative processes using technology that increase efficiencies and develop opportunities.  All of our business analysts have a deep understanding of the healthcare environment, including provider operating systems, payer operating systems and revenue cycle to effect innovation and financial accomplishment. Flexibility is a key trait for our success and the ability to challenge that status quo, to present enhanced mindsets of workflow, is a key role for our Business Analysts.

Senior Data Engineer

These individuals are masterminds of the ETL process. They map EDI files through extraction, verification, processing, cleansing, analysis and deployment of all client data.  Our Senior Data Engineer will work on challenging data integration projects and participate in integration testing activities as needed.

Project Manager

Our Project Manager ensures productivity and profitability for our client’s success. This individual works directly with Advent’s Operations, Business Technology, and Client Management teams to produce maximum results. Advent’s Project Managers adhere to PMI global standards PMBOK. This position ensures strict adherence to process and procedures, set forth guidelines, and work flows that ensure profitability is returned to internal and external stakeholders.

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Acute Hospital Appeals Analyst

Our Appeals Analysts are at the core of our success. The Acute Care Hospital Appeals Analyst resolve claims by reviewing supporting documentation and resolving both routine and non-routine claims. Our all-star analysts are convincing and strong-willed negotiators, familiar in both provider and payer operating systems.  They guide the path to appropriate payment by leveraging strong relationships with attorneys, insurance carriers, patients and employers to compose appeal letters that ensure effective reimbursement.

Claims Analyst

Advent’s Claim Analysts are sharp individuals with an analytical mindset. Quick to pick up on trends on reimbursement issues, these reviewers and researchers are continuously up-to-date in healthcare industry policies and regulations that are key to build strong arguments that defend a denied claim. From first claim conception to a final appeal, Advent’s all-star analysts are quick, compliant and precise.

Nurse Auditors, RN

Our registered nurses are also immersed in a deep knowledge of healthcare coding methodologies. As self-directed individuals they apply their knowledge of clinical guidelines, payer P&P and other knowledge to support medical necessity of rendered patient services. Independent and driven, our RN Auditors audit clinical documentation to ensure consistency in billed services in a busy production environment.

Business Development

Our Business Development team is responsible for developing and implementing growth across their responsible regions.  This team ensures the creation of long-term value for Advent from customers, markets, and relationships.